South Indian Makeup Artist in Udaipur

south indian makeup artist in udaipur

South Indian brides are dressed up like goddesses in stunning wedding silk sarees, extravagant gold jewelry, and fresh flowers. Yet, the look never becomes flashy because the South Indian makeup brings an overall balance to it. The bridal hairstyle is always tied up in almost all the South Indian cultures, so it is the makeup that essentially defines the look. Neha’s Makeup Artist as a south Indian makeup artist in udaipur brings a dewy glow during the wedding ceremonies as they usually start early in the morning.

Work the magic for your eyes

The feature of South Indian makeup lies in the eyes. The eye makeup makes the show the outfit needs. Light shimmer shades of gold and yellow for the eye makeup.

Looking for South Indian Makeup Artist in Udaipur?

Neha’s Makeup Artist uses false eyelashes with a volumizing mascara to achieve that. Tightlining the eyes with kajal and winged eyeliner makes eyes look even more captivating.

Core South Indian makeup eye highlights:
1. Light eyeshadow
2. Dramatically drawn black kohl eyes
3. Voluminous eyelashes

Natural lips

Since the outfit is already loaded with colors, we advise you to go for neutral lip shades. Colors in pink and mauve tones that suit Indian lips for the perfect South Indian makeup.

In Malayali Hindu weddings, off-white silk sarees are worn, so bright lip shades are perfect for Kerala bridal makeup. A dash of color and you’re all set to make the look pop.

So, here’s what we keep in mind as far as your lips are concerned:

1. Bright saree shades – muted pinks, mauves and peaches in lip shades

2. Muted saree shades – red, dark browns

3. Slight lip gloss or cream-palette products

Above all, talk to Us beforehand to ensure that the family traditions are followed. We will suggest products that don’t react with your skin and stay put even when you’re busy grooving to the wedding songs. Humidity and emotions can wash your look, so opt for waterproof products or get airbrush makeup done. However, the key to South Indian makeup is to appear natural to ensure you look stunning in all the pictures your wedding photographer takes.