Want to Know The Best Bridal Makeup Tips?

Mrs. Elles Nijkamp is sure champions league when it comes to make-up. Think the most beautiful woman in the country and chances are very, very good that Elles does her make-up. Or ‘pull her through the car wash’, as Daphne Deckers always puts it. The nice thing is that Elles is now also accessible to ordinary people because of a. She has a set of brushes (I’ll show you about it later), but she also gives masterclasses where she teaches you how to make your face the most beautiful without it looking very makeup. Let me go through the most important tips with you.

1. Material is everything

Every woman who takes the masterclass with Elles usually has good beauty products, but what we all lack is a good brush. Or fairly: a good brush set. One for your foundation, one for your blush, one white for the light eyeshadow, one black for your dark eyeshadow, an eyebrow brush, and most importantly, the smudger. But more on that later. The nice thing is that Elles has now released a brush set herself. iPhone size, so they fit in your evening bag. Neha makeup artists also use a very nice brush.

Her latest brush set for example.

2. Foundation last

Almost everyone starts with the foundation. Not Elles. If you start with the eyebrows and the eyes, you can keep the skin nice and fresh. Perhaps you can still put nourishing pads under your eyes while shaping your eyebrows. You will see that you need less foundation. During the day, maybe only a little concealer (such as that from Jetske Ultee) under your eyes and on some imperfections will suffice.

3. The eyebrow

A solid eyebrow dictates today’s fashion image, but Elles says (and she’s right) that it should keep blending with the rest of your face. It is a whole and if all the attention goes to your eyebrows that bounce like Edding pencil stripes above your eyes, it is not quite right. That’s why Elles dictates: an eyebrow pencil from NARS with a fine tip so that you can make small lines. At the root of your eyebrow, you do the stripes in vertical lines, where your eyebrow makes a ‘bend’, and then you go over to the horizontal lines.

4. The mascara

Still the masterpiece of Elles: the mascara. Make sure you have a good mascara, Elles uses the Double Ended Mascara from Revitalash with a primer. Then she makes a zigzag movement from the lash line to the end of the lashes so that the mascara is well distributed over everything. Then she pushes each hair with the tip of the mascara exactly where she wants it. You thin the bottom a bit and brush it afterward with the round brush from your brush set. May’s tip: if you want to make up the eyes of young girls, put some mascara on the top of your hand, turn the brush in there and apply the mascara with that brush on the eyelashes. That way it doesn’t get so massive and crumbly in young girls.

5. The rouge

Anyone who lived through the ’80s remembers how we applied the rouge back then. We sucked in our cheeks, put our hand along the cheekbone bone, and moved the brush back and forth along its length. That was then and now is now. You break the space between your eye and your jaw by making a circle halfway through with your blush brush. For the 80s among us, that probably feels like quite the center of your face, but just look at how beautiful it looks. First, use a caramel shade (Cocoa Dusk 07 from Shiseido) for the shape and then a little fresh pink (natural Orgasm from NARS) on the cheeks. Not too much, more is always possible.

6. Your cotton swab is your best friend

Wipe some from under your eye to above your eye. Always in the direction of your eye.

7. The smudger!

I really like a line around my eye, but let’s be honest: a clean line is just as old school as the lip line. That’s why Elles has created the smudger, a soft, small eraser-like brush that you can use to wipe out your eye pencil (preferably Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick) or to run along the tip of your pencil and reapply with the smudger. As a result, you get a somewhat softer line and that’s what we have to rely on, soft lines.

If you really want to pamper yourself, treat yourself with a make-up masterclass.

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