Face care for the wedding

Planning your wedding could be stressful at times. Stress is of course the last thing you can use during the preparations and that is why it is good to schedule some me-time regularly! If you want to radiate yes to your partner to be,  taking a nice warm bath every week is not enough. What does make your skin look glowy on the big day is the right skincare routine! We are together and got to work and tell you how you can best take care of your face for the wedding! From cleaning your eyes to applying a serum, with the use of the products below you will appear radiant at the altar!  Some tips for the bride face care for the wedding.

1. Start the day with a toner 

Just like a cleanser or a facial cleanser, a toner cleans your face. It contains fewer cleansing ingredients, but is rich in nourishing ingredients that moisturize, smooth, and repair the skin! An alcohol-free lotion cleans the skin after a good night’s sleep from residual make-up, sebum, and dirt particles and this lotion also ensures that the care products that you apply afterward are absorbed better and faster. In short: the perfect start to the day, because your skin feels clean and comfortable!

2. Apply a serum

A serum is a skincare product that you apply before you get started with different types of creams. Serums can penetrate even deeper into the skin because they consist of small molecules with a very high concentration of active ingredients. It works perfectly against wrinkles and the key ingredient in the Clarins serum, Turmeric, ensures a smoother, more radiant, and firmer skin. Exactly what you need to shine on your big day,  right ?!

 3. Moisturizer

The pre-wedding skincare routine isn’t complete without a moisturizer! Whether your skin is oily, impure, dry, or sensitive: it is most important to moisturize it properly! With an addictive and refreshing gel-cream, your face will immediately receive a hydration boost and all moisture is retained so that the skin looks permanently plump, fresh, and radiantly healthy! 

4. Day cream

You may not always get it, but your face has to endure a lot every day. Cold, warm, dry, and moist air alternate and affect your skin. To protect your beloved wedding skin from all the ‘dangers’ it is exposed to every day, it is important to apply a day cream in the morning. Dull skin and fine dry lines are a thing of the past and ensure that your face remains fully hydrated from the start of your day until the moment you go to sleep!

5. All eyes on you

Wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles. Every woman’s daily struggle, but fortunately the use of a nourishing eye cream provides light at the end of the tunnel! The unique combination of ingredients smoothes wrinkles, boosts the flow in blood and lymph vessels, causing the bags to shrink and stimulates the breakdown and removal of pigment residues that cause dark circles! Believe us, if you don’t want the bride to be at her wedding with puffiness, you should add this to your wedding facial care kit!

6. Cleaning the eyes and face

This step not only applies to the months, weeks, and days before the wedding but should be a regular part of your skincare routine every night! It’s tempting to leave makeup on your face and eyes on a day when you want to get into bed as soon as possible, but removing it with an eye makeup remover and micellar cleansing water will ensure that your skin is hydrated and also feels fresh, soft and cared for! 

7. Scrub and  mask

A good way to spend the evening nice to relax while providing your face is the application of a mask. You apply a mask after cleansing your face, but don’t forget to scrub well now and then for an amazing result! Exfoliating removes dead skin cells and makes your face feel even healthier and softer. Time is money, especially if you still have a hundred thousand things to arrange for the wedding, Apply this mask with scrub particles – depending on your skin type – 1 to 3 times a week and your skin will shine like never before!

8. Don’t save on a night cream

Your skin recovers at night and that is why it is last but not least important to use a good night cream! While you dream about your wedding day, a night cream detoxifies the skin and repairs the damage to the face that you have sustained during the day! It calms, calms, and makes your skin supple. The natural balance is restored and the antioxidants optimally prepare your skin for a new day! Well begun is half done, right ?!